BYU desires young minorities including Black students to experience its university.


We fail as a campus to work together as one to fight a history of racial discrimination.


Blindspot came about as a way to start healing as students and allies from the experiences that black students face on campus every single day. 


There are pockets of allies in the faculty and staff that are lifting a lot of the weight of the inclusivity movement. 


After much mentorship, we decided to make a message to start a conversation as a community. 


We need to start describing the problem. Once people understand the problem, finding ways to solve it will become easier. 


We hope that every student, professor, and onlooker will take this opportunity to learn more about inclusion and diversity in their community. 

This website is only a small fraction of what formal education about inclusion and diversity could look like. We could all benefit from formal training on diversity and inclusion. These skills will not only work to heal our campus, but send out better educated alumni to go forth and serve.

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